David Boyles brings a fresh approach and a seasoned history to every aspect of his musical endeavors.

Whether serving as musical director, producer, writer, singer, and guitarist for LMFAO, developing up and coming artists, or composing for film and television, David possesses the musicality, knowledge, and experience to deliver artistic vision and professional results.

A musician of purpose and intention, David ventured cross-country from the beaches of North Carolina to the coast of Los Angeles after earning a BFA in Music from Western Carolina University, with a concentration in jazz bass performance and jazz guitar.

Boyles independent release “Bedroom Demos” was picked up by DIAA/Domo Records in 2005 and got the attention of Columbia Music Entertainment in Japan. In 2005, Columbia Music Entertainment signed Boyles and released the album “Thank You”, which combined with the “Bedroom Demos” import, yielded a #1 record at Tower and HMV music retail stores throughout the country.

The record also produced four top ten singles to radio, with two tracks, “Sunshine” and “Thank You”, reaching the number one position. Boyles second album, “Southern Fried”, was released on Columbia Music Entertainment in September 2006, with “Home to Stay” debuting at number 21 to radio. “Monophonic” was released in September of 2010 through HEI International in Japan, and domestically through iTunes.

On his release entitled "8 String EP” (February 2016), Boyles offers up a collection of songs that are tied together cohesively through the use of a custom 8 string guitar Boyles developed with Chapel Hill, N.C. luthier Wes Lambe in 2010.

"I had the guitar for about two months before hitting the road as LMFAO's Musical Director", Boyles says. After three years of extensive touring with the group which ended in 2013, David found himself dedicated to the 8 string exclusively, writing and woodshedding to make up for time away from the instrument.

The hybrid guitar consists of the lower three strings of a bass and the top five strings of a guitar, each feeding separate amplifiers. Developed as a natural progression, this enables Boyles to play both bass and guitar parts simultaneously.  After catching virtuoso Charlie Hunter in 2009, the inventor of the 8 string concept, Boyles found his voice.

“I feel very fortunate to have had experiences that have shaped my musical landscape,” Boyles adds.  “Sometimes the best thing for growing as an artist is to involve yourself with projects that aren’t necessarily familiar or comfortable.”